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(if you entering by campign level and your ESP is fixed cost i.e $500/m just estimate by dividing # of campaigns sent/esp cost. 
ex: $500/10 campaigns sent = $50  
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3x Your Sales
Double Your AOV  
your business WITHOUT Email
Total Sales: $1,010.15 Average AOV before Email $81.17
your business WITH Email
Total Sales: $2,604.68  Average AOV AFTER Email $177.95
That's 158% increase in total SALES (almost 3x) 
and 119% Increase on AOV (2x)
Want to learn how to do this?  
Email 4 Ecommerce
will help you
Part 1 - Not sure how to get started? 
Learn the truth about email, how you were set up to fail and how you get started in on the right path in just 5 minutes 
Part 2 – Not sure what to send or say
No need for expensive copywriters, you already have all the tools you need to succeed. 

I’ll show you how to create copy that gets insane clicks  
Set up 30 days of email content in just 60 minutes .
Part 3 – Breaking down email 
So many moving parts to email we made you easy to follow checklist .

The Ultimate email checklist to maximize clicks and 3x your sales.
Because now that you know what to say, you need to know how to lay it out
Part 4 – Review and Optimize 
Stop assuming and look at the STATS.
Avoid mistakes made by over 70% of e-commerce stores owners.
Part 5 – Bonus Calculators 
What if you could predict the future?
Now you can with these easy to use calculators.

Just plug in your numbers and watch the magic happen. 
Best Part...
  •  No experience needed.
  •  No technical skills needed. 
  •  Every lesson is explained in simple language anyone can understand. 
  • Complete each lesson in minutes and apply them Now and start seeing results tomorrow. 
Bonus 1
Re-Engagement Strategy
How to shoot your email reputation through the rough and keep it there faster than you …

This BONUS is an industry secret and it can instantly helps ignite your email reputation.

Go from Poor Email reputation to Good Email reputation in just a few days, without having to change esp.
Value: $3,500
Bonus 2
5 Strategies To Crush Email 
Never revealed to the public before.
Now that you conquered the Inbox its time to next level your skills.

I give you not 1 but 5 super simple and effective way you can optimize your emails FAST. 

These are the SAME strategies I use to get INSANE email returns, from 300% to 1000 %.
Value: $5,000
Bonus 3
Protect Your Rep
Never worry about getting kicked off your ESP because of of a “high risk” email subscribers.
Get 10,000 FREE email verification and 25% off when all email verification for a year from the leaders in email verification.
Value: $1000
Bonus 4
Tristar Ecommerce Case Study 
See how I generated over $1000 , without spending any money on ads and with a 900 person COLD email list that had not been mailed in over a year.
Value: $3,500
Bonus 5
Elite Email Maverick Group
This is like have your own email consultant on staff whenever you need a fraction of the price. 

I normally charge 800/hr for an email consulting call to fix issues like this so this is your chance to save 75% off and you get 2 months FREE 
Value: $1000
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YES - 99% of ALL students who applied the simple principals saw instant improvements to their emails opens and sales . 
gabriella rapone 

These are our results and yours might be different. 

We make NO guarantees or Guarantee INCOME CLAIMS EVER. 

You must be 100% clear that to have a sustainable and successful business it takes, dedication, sacrifice and attention and patience. If you understand that then continue on to step 2 in the process.